About Me

Hi, I'm Larisa! I'm a commercial food photographer, content creator, and stylist in the New Jersey and New York City area.  

I'm passionate about food. I love learning about it, making it, sharing it, and eating it. Growing up in NYC gave me exposure to amazing food from all over the world. Binging on Food Network taught be about techniques and methods. Food photography allowed me to capture my passion in a more permanent way, even with those who weren't at my dinner table.

I love capturing the crusty loaf of bread (mostly sourdough in my kitchen, and for the record, I was making it before the pandemic sourdough craze) or the gleam of the perfect buttercream from my never-ending cupcake endeavors.

When I'm not photographing food or collecting new photo props, I love traveling and sneaking veggies into my husband and two children. We live in Central NJ and have some pretty amazing fresh produce available from local farms. 

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My Work

My goal is to create images that catch your customers' attention and make them crave your food and drinks. I can provide food and set styling, or I'm happy to partner with other great stylists.

I want to convey your brand story through my images. It's not just a plate of food, there is a whole vibe behind every photo. I apply over a decade of corporate consulting experience and Psychology PhD to my photo work. I take the time to explore your brand vision and identity to understand how the photo should make the viewer feel. The same food can look very different depending on who your customer is and what story you're trying to tell. I want to ensure that the images used to promote your brand resonate with your customers and stop their scroll.

My goal is to be your trusted partner and build a long-term relationship. Not only do I want to provide you with amazing assets, but to keep our projects running smoothly, provide tips and suggestions from my ever-expanding food knowledge, problem-solve, and make the occasional bad pun. We can do some seriously good work together, but not take ourselves too seriously. 

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