Fun, Colorful, and Retro Salad Photography

Sometimes client work comes around that just speaks to me. The color, the whimsy, the props all called (on the retro phone) to my inner child. I photographed these fun and graphic images for Chopt Creative Salads. Lettuce turn up the beet on these salads, living their best colorful lives. It’s also incredible seeing the work on the Out of Home (OOH) displays in New York City, in locations that I have walked by hundreds of times.

This colorful advertising food photography was photographed in New York City (NYC).

Colorful and Whimsical Holiday Food Glow Up

My holiday food is typically homey, rustic, and usually in the “ugly delicious” category that most Eastern European Jewish foods tend to be. It’s yummy, but it’s generally brown and boring looking. Not anymore! Time to get a glow up, because we are not just chopped liver around here! Bring in the sparkle, whimsy, an absurd amount of dill, and naturally, some mannequin hands, because shoot planning gets ridiculous sometimes. How about a drink topped with lox, bread, and pickle? Or perhaps a totke: the love child of a potato latke and a tater tot? Freshen it all up with a cucumber and onion salad. So simple, yet so amazing! Wishing you some colorful and sparkly holiday wishes. 

This food and drink photography was shot and styled in my studio in New Jersey, in the New York City (NYC) metro area, in collaboration with food stylist Judi Orlick.

Pantone Magenta Pink Beauty and Product Photography

When Pantone announced the Magenta was their color of the year, I was simply tickled pink. Enter pink lipglosses, shadows, lotions, and potions, and even some pink foods. Naturally, a little extra sparkle doesn’t hurt.

This beauty and product photography was shot and styled in my studio in New Jersey, in the New York City (NYC) metro area. 

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